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American Bar Association’s 2023 Midyear Tax Meeting: February 9-11 | San Diego, CA

American Bar Association’s 2023 Midyear Tax Meeting: February 9-11 | San Diego, CA

February 7, 2023

The ABA’s Midyear Tax Meeting is the premier event for lawyers interested in all aspects of tax law. Nearly 1,000 practitioners are expected to attend the 2023 Midyear Tax Meeting presented by the ABA Section of Taxation, held in San Diego on February 9-11, 2023. 

Attendees can take advantage of high-level panel discussions on tax policies, regulations and procedures presented by government officials and industry experts. Participants are also eligible for CLE & CPE programming, including ethics, that will be presented by over 30 Tax Section committees. In addition to programming, the meeting offers multiple opportunities for participants to network, exchange ideas, and build new business relationships.

Taylor Nelson Amitrano LLP is proud to be a top-tier sponsor of this year’s event and co-host of Thursday’s Mix & Mingle Networking Reception on February 9th. Our very own partners and attorneys will serve as expert panelists, covering informative and timely topics, including: 

“Valuations and Ethics” 
Friday, February 10 | 1:00 PM 
Lavar Taylor is a panelist in a three-part panel presentation, along with Administrative Practice and Court Practice and Procedure Committees, which will focus on current valuation issues in the tax arena. In valuation tax disputes, often thorny ethical issues arise, including how to maintain privilege, determining the appropriate role of the tax practitioner, and use of a kovel agreement. Join us in a discussion to identify these issues and discuss best practices.

“Taxpayer Data Privacy in the Age of Technological Advancement” 
Friday, February 10 | 1:00 PM 
Lisa Nelson is a panelist on the topic of taxpayer data privacy, a critical issue in today's age of technological advancement. With the increasing amount of personal information being shared and stored online with third parties, it is important for governments and tax practitioners to take steps to protect taxpayer data from unauthorized access or misuse. Additionally, Section 6103 provides a unique challenge for the collection, use, and disposal of taxpayer data, now that more IRS employees are working from home. But the rise in big data also presents unique opportunities for federal and state government agencies to incentivize taxpayers and businesses with new types of tax incentives to promote social good. This panel will discuss relevant issues related to taxpayer data privacy and artificial intelligence, the importance of Section 6103, and the potential future for taxpayer data incentives and credits.

“Combating Tax Misinformation from Social Media”
Friday, February 10 | 8:00 AM – 10:45 AM
Jonathan T. Amitrano is a panelist in this session that discusses how taxpayers increasingly rely on nontraditional sources of information to learn about tax issues. This panel explores the use of social media, including Twitter and Tik Tok, as a way for individuals to learn about tax information. Like any advice, social media-based tax advice may be sound, but it also may be aggressive, misleading or flat out wrong. This panel will explore how social media is transforming the way clients understand legal issues and what they expect from tax professionals. 

“An Introduction to Tax Controversy – Representing Individuals, Businesses, and Diverse Taxpayers” 
Thursday, February 9 | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Rami Khoury is on this panel that will introduce the audience to the world of tax controversy as it relates to individuals and small businesses. Topics will include an introduction to IRS collection matters, such as offers in compromise, installment agreements, penalty abatement letters, and collection due process hearings. Additionally, the panel intends to discuss important aspects of representing diverse taxpayers, including representing taxpayers through low-income taxpayer clinics, Tax Court cases, and considerations made for state/local tax controversy matters. This panel is the product of a collaboration among the ABA Tax Section’s Young Lawyers Forum and LGBTQ+ Lawyers in Tax Forum.

“Taxpayers Experiencing Hardship: How to Best Represent Them Before the IRS”
Friday, February 10 | 10:00 AM
Minh V. “Dennis” Nguyen will moderate and Rami Khoury is on the panel that will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent surge in inflation have presented numerous challenges and hardships for taxpayers personally, professionally, and financially. To make matters worse, tax problems can further complicate the situation and exacerbate the hardship that taxpayers are facing. This panel will discuss best practices for how to assist taxpayers experiencing hardship, from exploring the tax options available for relief and bankruptcy to discussing the perspective of the IRS when considering various collection alternatives. 

For the complete event program, CLICK HERE or visit to learn more about the Midyear Tax Meeting.